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Introduction Strategic Plan About Cannabis Alcohol


Drugs & Alcohol

Drink Spiking Alcohol Campaign in Tendring

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The Tendring CSP is responsible for delivering the Government’s anti-drug and alcohol strategies in the Tendring Area. The group provides a platform to share best practice, sharing news and information, and to drive forward its own strategies to combat Tendring Drug and Alcohol Misuse.
Members of the Tendring group come from a wide range of local agencies across the voluntary and non-voluntary sectors. They work together to reduce drug and alcohol misuse and the problems that they cause the local community.

About Drugs and Alcohol

Taking drugs can have unpredictable results and serious health consequences.

  • Combining drugs and alcohol will significantly increase health risks which can vary greatly person to person.
  • Drugs can cost you more than just your health; you could be subjected to a search if a police officer suspects that you have illegal drugs in your possession.


Cannabis and the Law


  • Cannabis is illegal to possess, supply and grow and it is still harmful.
  • The Home Secretary has reclassified to a Class B drug.
  • The decision reflects the fact that skunk, a much stronger version of the drug, now dominates the UK's cannabis market.
  • Possession of a small ‘personal quantity’, may lead to a warning or caution on a first occasion. You may, however, still be exposed to the possibility of a prison sentence or hefty fine depending on the circumstance.
  • The term ‘supplying’ includes passing a joint to a friend.
  • A serious offence of supplying can get you up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine. You could be arrested if you smoke cannabis in a public place, or near to where children are (schools, youth clubs) or where public order may be at risk.




Drinking a lot of alcohol can be bad for your health, especially ‘binge drinking’ and can lead to problems such as crime, drunkenness, disorder and violence. This could lead to you being arrested.

  • Approximately half of ALL violent crime is alcohol related.
  • Alcohol misuse kills thousands more people than all illegal drugs put together.
  • You can be arrested for being Drunk and Disorderly, which can leave you with a criminal record
  • Heavy drinking can cause health problems such as liver damage, brain, stomach and pancreas damage, kidney and bladder problems.
  • Too much alcohol can make you feel invincible when you are at your most vulnerable.
  • It is illegal to BUY or SELL alcohol to anyone UNDER 18.


Drugs and Alcohol Information Services in Essex




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Drugs -
Know Your Facts

FACT: Passing drugs amongst friends is supplying in the eyes of the law.

FACT: Allowing people to take cannabis in your house or any other premises is illegal.

FACT: A drug conviction could stand between you and your ideal job, a place at university, or visiting some countries, e.g. America and Australia.

Contact one of the local services for advice and/or information or see the Homeoffice website for more info.

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Alcohol -
The Big Drink Debate

The report below presents the findings of Ipsos MORI’s online survey of drinking behaviour and
attitudes towards alcohol, conducted on behalf of the East of England Public Health Group.

East of England Big Drink Debate Survey 2008/09





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