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Hate Crime

What is Hate Crime?

Download Document - Stop Hate Crime

Hate Crime is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by an offenders hatred of someone because of their:

  • Race, Colour, Ethnic Origin, Nationality, National Origins
  • Religion
  • Gender or Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability

Hate Crime can take many forms:

  • Physical attacks, damage to property, offensive graffiti, arson.
  • Threat of attack, offensive letters or e-mails, abusive phone calls, offensive leaflets & posters, malicious complaints.
  • Verbal abuse, insults, intimidation, abusive gestures, bullying at school or in the workplace.

Racist Incident

Any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.
Racial harassment is any unwelcome or hostile behaviour that is linked to your race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, which can range from abuse or intimidation to actual physical violence. These are criminal activities and should be reported to the Police.

Homophobic Incident

Any incident which is perceived to be homophobic by the victim or any other person.
Homophobia is the irrational hatred, intolerance and fear of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. It is often expressed visibly, audibly and sometime violently.
Homophobic crime violence includes a range of behaviour, i.e.: verbal abuse, property damage, threats and actual assaults. Such behaviour is attributed directly to social intolerance towards those who are or perceived not to be heterosexual.

Transphobic Incident

Any incident which is perceived to be transphobic by the victim or any other person.

Faith Related Incident

Any incident which is perceived to be based upon prejudice towards or hatred of the faith of the victim or so perceived by the victim or any other person.
Disablist Incident (sometimes referred to as a disability related incident)
Any incident which is perceived to be based upon prejudice towards or hatred of their disability or so perceived by the victim or any other person.


What You Can Do

Third Party Reporting Form

Report It

If you are a victim, or know of someone who is, REPORT IT. You can do this by telephone, in person, or on line to the police or to one of the other organisations listed below who can offer support and advice.

Because this type of crime is particularly hurtful to victims because they are being targeted because of their personal identity, their racial, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, beliefs or faith, the nature of these crimes can have far reaching consequences for communities.

The impact on victims or witnesses is different for each individual, but many experience similar problems. The confusion, fear and lack of safety felt by victims and witnesses of these crimes can have an have a ripple effect on their particular groups (racial or religious, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and vulnerable people) in the community.

It is very easy to say that you must find help, but that is exactly what you should do. It might not be easy to talk to someone about what is happening to you, but you must. Either confide in a friend or contact one of the agencies listed below to talk to someone who can offer you emotional support and also practical help.

Questions you may be asked when reporting an incident?

Personal Information:

  • Name, address, contact details, date of birth, ethnicity.
  • Whether you are a repeat victim.
  • Willingness to assist the Police in the investigation, maybe provide a statement or possibly attend court if required.

Information about the incident:

  • What type of incident (i.e.: What happened?) this is likely to include descriptions of people, events and the location the incident took place.
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Any weapons / firearms used
  • Suspect details (age, address, contact details if known) / descriptions if details not known
  • Any witness details


Local Contacts


True Vision Website

Anti-Social Behaviour Hotline
Tel: 01255 686359
Local hotline to report incidents of anti-social behaviour run by the Tendring CSP

Colchester Gay & Lesbian Switchboard
Tel: 01206 871394
Confidential help line for homophobic incidents.

Essex Police Division
Clacton – Divisional HQ
Switchboard - 101 Emergency - 999 Police
For the latest news, crime statistics and advice on safety. To report minor crimes on-line, and for employment opportunities within the police force.

Victim Support
Tel: 0845 3030 900
A national charity with trained volunteers to contact people following a crime to offer a free confidential support and information.

Tacmep - Tendring & Colchester Minority Ethnic Partnership
Tel: 01206 769789 and 01206 500471
E-mail: info@tacmep.org.uk
Address: TACMEP, Winsleys House, High Street, Colchester, Essex. CO1 1UG

Seeking to promote and develop a better understanding of the minority ethnic communities in Tendring. They act as a conduit for local statutory bodies in consulting and engaging minority ethnic communities in the delivery of service.


National Contacts

Crime Stoppers
Crimestoppers is the independent charity helping to prevent and solve crimes. The scheme allows you to give information about crimes that affect you and your local community.

Women's Aid 24-Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline
Tel: 0808 2000 247
Women's Aid offers support and refuge for women and children affected by domestic violence.

Victim Support
Tel: 0845 30 30 900
Victim Support helps people cope with the effects of crime. There are separate advice sections for people living in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Samaritans
Tel: 0345 90 90 90
Not only do the Samaritans provide an invaluable listening service, they also raise public awareness of issues such as depression and suicide.

A comprehensive web-site dealing with many aspects in bullying in the home, school and workplace.


Counselling Directory

www.counselling Directory

Counselling DirectoryCounselling Directory only lists qualified/registered counsellors and psychotherapists. Every member must send us copies of their qualifications and insurance cover or must be registered with a recognised professional body.



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